About Us

We are a family owned and operated business and have been involved in rodeo most of our lives. Being competitors ourselves we understand the importance of a proper fitting, high quality saddle and how it can affect your competition. We are familiar with and have competed in all levels of competition, from the amateurs to the WPRA and PRCA.We know what it takes to be successful.

Each item in our Platinum Saddlery line is custom made by master craftsmen with over 30 years experience and each saddle comes initialed and numbered. Our craftsmen also understand the importance of proper fit for both horse and rider.

Our saddles have been created through intense research and development allowing us to achieve a great fit to promote balance, accuracy, and speed. Each saddle is created to suit every taste and budget, as we have a variety of patterns, seats, and hardware to choose from.

We, at Platinum, are proud to introduce Trey Johnson as the newest member of the Platinum Team. Trey was the 2000 PRCA Rookie of the Year and he will be traveling this year to make a bid for the NFR. He is a true professional both in and out of the arena and we are blessed to have him on board.

Please contact us for more details and pricing:

Tel: (210) 287-2122

Email: Info@PlatinumSaddlery.com